In an effort to provide a safe studio environment for classes we are abiding by all current local and CDC health guidelines and recommendations. 
What our instructors will be doing:

  • all class instructors will be wearing a mask or face-shield
  • a commercial grade sanitizing product will be used to disinfect all equipment following each class
  • the studio door will remain open and the ceiling fans will remain on during all classes to ensure good air flow through the studio 
  • some classes will continue to have participant limits

Things you must do to help us ensure a safe class environment:

  • wear a mask
  • minimize bringing in personal items
  • maintain social distancing around the storage cubbies
  • use hand sanitizer before and immediately following class
  • enter/exit through the south studio door
  • stay home if you feel sick at all


CoreAlign: currently at a limit of 5 but will move to 9 next week.

Rock, Roll & Release (Foam Rolling): currently at 5, may open to 8 starting the week of June 8th.

Core2Floor: Has started this week at a limit of 8. Classes will focus on strengthening, stability and control, and balance. Cardio exercises will not be implemented as everyone will be wearing masks.

Yoga & Meditation: Classes re-started this week and will also have a limit of 8 participants until further notice. Please bring in your own mat if you have one.

Massage/Rolfing with Alexi: Alexi will not be returning to perform Rolfing sessions or massage until September. If you are interested in having a massage or Rolfing session before then please call our office and leave a message. We are considering contracting with a substitute massage therapist or Rolfer during her absence if there is a demand for it.

Scheduling: All classes can continue to be scheduled through our Ascent Physical Therapy app or through our new digital assistant service. Our esteemed Elizabeth has decided to become a full time mom. She will be greatly missed by everyone, especially our staff! We wish her the best and are confident she will be a great mom! Currently, because of COVID-19, she has been and will continue to work from home for the next several weeks until her last day. Lauren has left as well so she can focus on her school work. So there will no longer be someone up at the front desk for the foreseeable future. To help us fulfill some of the front desk duties, we have integrated a digital assistant to answer calls, take messages, and it can even schedule clients for wellness classes.

Call our office at 775-885-9965 from a cell phone.

06/04/20 Classes ReOpened
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