Given the continued threat and challenges the coronavirus has placed on our community, Ascent Physical Therapy will be operating on a limited basis. Current patients who wish to continue with treatments may do so but we ask that you consider the following options. If you are experiencing pain or symptoms that are unmanageable, please contact your physical therapist by email. The therapist will reply with additional advice or to set up a conference call with you to discuss a treatment plan. If it is determined that an onsite treatment session is needed to alleviate your discomfort or pain at that time, then an onsite appointment may be scheduled depending on the current situation.  All other patients that have manageable symptoms or pain may contact their therapist via email to discuss treatment plan progression, changes or current status. 

All onsite Wellness classes have been cancelled and will move to the Facebook Live platform during regularly scheduled class times with the exception of CoreAlign. Please visit our Facebook page @AscentPT.NV. All CoreAlign classes will be cancelled until further notice. 

Please stay safe, continue to exercise at home or the great outdoors to stay healthy.

APT Response to COVID-19