The ATM2 (Automatic Therapeutic Movement) is a standing treatment table that was originally developed by Jonathan Hoffman, BPT, Grad. Dip. Manip. Ther. (Australia) for the treatment of low back and pelvic pain. With its unique belting system, it enables the practitioner to apply appropriate force closure through the patients pelvis in order to normalize muscle activation patterns of the trunk. Once force closure of the pelvis is established, the patient then performs the previously painful movement to re-establish a more optimal pain-free pattern. The ATM2 can also be used to apply Mulligan techniques to a patient. With the use of the belts, these techniques allow for redistribution of tissue loading and the development or return to healthier movement patterns. Immediate pain relief is established during this technique.

*Ascent Physical Therapy was the first professional healthcare practice to bring this amazing product to the state of Nevada. The ATM2 continues to be a powerful and effective modality for treating SI dysfunction and related pain.