Elizabeth OsbornElizabeth Osborn – Administrator

Elizabeth aptly juggles all of the scheduling and administrative duties with professionalism and high efficiency. She is the first person you’ll see when you come in and the bright smile to send you on your way.  You can count on her for reminders and generally making everything at Ascent easy, clear and consistent.


Angela Sullivan – Technician, Yoga & CoreAlign Instructor

Angela fills many roles at Ascent, enriching your wellness experience every step of the way. Stemming from her 25+ years of study, practice and teaching  of Yoga and body movement, and subsequent certifications in CoreAlign Instruction, she has blossomed into an integral piece of our wellness program. See Angela’s Yoga class schedule here.


Alexi BoshartAlexi Boshart – Certified Rolfer

​Alexi brings yet another smart piece of the posture and structural integrity puzzle to Ascent Physical Therapy. Rolfing uses techniques of tissue manipulation of varying depths along with movement education to create postural alignment, dynamic support and balanced functioning of the joints and muscles. The resulting alignment allows optimal movement that requires minimal effort, and therefore leaves more ease and energy for life. See Alexi’s rates and website link here.