When you are injured, your goal is to get better, right? There are some big misconceptions about choosing your physical therapist that can lead you astray from that goal. To list a few:

  • You Can’t Choose Your Physical Therapy Provider.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you have to go where your doctor refers you. This is not the case, you are allowed to go to any facility of your choice. So if you already have a physical therapy provider that you are happy and established with, you can return to that provider for any of your physical therapy needs.

Ascent Physical Therapy not only receives referrals from local physicians and other health care providers, but a good portion of referrals come from current and previous patients spreading the word to family and friends. In fact many local physicians and their families trust us for their care. This confidence comes from the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the past 20 years of attending and participating in the most prestigious and renown research conferences in the world and bringing leading edge treatments combined with patient centered care back to Carson City. In fact, if we are not the best clinic for treatment of your condition we will refer you to a specialty provider that is. That is true patient centered care.

  • I need a Prescription to be seen by a Physical Therapist.

In Nevada you do not have to obtain a referral to see a Physical Therapist, but there are some insurance plans that require you to have one in order for your benefits to be covered. We offer our clients several different payment options to choose from so that treatment can can started right away without any delays.

  • In-Network Providers are always best.

Insurance coverage is constantly changing, please call our office and our administrative specialist can tell you whether we accept your insurance. We currently accept most insurance plans. Our number one priority is for our patients to get better and we do all we can to continue to offer top-notch care while remaining affordable.

  • All Providers are the Same.

Physical Therapists are specialist in movement and the neuro-musculoskeletal system, meaning they are experts in how all of the components of your nerves, muscles and bones interact with each other and how they may cause dysfunction and pain. A licensed physical therapist that specializes in your specific condition is an important component in recovery. Every patient at Ascent Physical Therapy receives a detailed and comprehensive movement assessment to identify altered movement patterns associated with your pain or dysfunction. Once these patterns are determined, a treatment plan is established with the patient.

  • Physical Therapy can’t do anything for me that I can’t do for myself.

We can help you help yourself with private consultations and physical therapy sessions, as well as on-going classes that help you maintain form and function in a balanced manor.

We see overcoming these misconceptions and educating the public as our biggest challenge. Put Ascent Physical Therapy on your team. Get Well. Stay Well. Live Well.